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What can you expect from our services?

If you are a new client seeking tax preparation services, you can expect courteous and up-front information from the very beginning with Martin Hunter CPA. Our professional staff will assess the level of service that will be necessary to meet your individual needs. We can send you a personalized organizer that will help you manage and submit your source documents.

A new client consultation normally requires a full 60 minutes to go over the basics such as household members, personal deductions, nature of work and finances, retirement plans,  etc. Many individuals have one or more complex issues that may require additional attention, such as IRS notices, amendments of prior year returns, self-employed/business income and expenses, home offices, rental properties, multiple stock transactions, disabled family members, etc. A $200 retainer for services is standard for new clients, and the full amount will be applied to your preparation invoice.

Your return will then be prepared and reviewed in our office in the order in which it was received. During preparation and review we will remain in contact with questions as they arise. Upon completion we will send you your bottom line information, a signature form for e-filing, and any tax payment vouchers if applicable. Once we receive your invoice payment and signature, we will securely transmit your return to the IRS and resident state(s) if applicable. We scan and return all of your original source documents and provide a hard copy of your tax returns. Digital copies of your returns are available upon request at any point at no extra charge. 

Your tax preparation invoice can vary widely depending on complexity and the quality of your record keeping. Our firm charges by the hour, rather than form by form, making our rates very reasonable and competitive compared to larger firms that spend huge dollars advertising on television and the radio.


Contact us to find out more.

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