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At Martin D. Hunter CPA PC, we understand that preparing and paying your taxes can often be the most financially impactful transaction of your entire year, and likely the most complicated and stressful. Our goal is to make the process of preparing your returns as easy on you as possible from day number one. 


Tax situations are as different and varied from one another as the people to which they are attached. We strongly believe in the spirit of inclusion and pride ourselves on helping our clients answer any tax questions they may have throughout the year. We focus on the tax and financial issues at hand with zero judgement, offering you the best possible advice based on your unique tax reality and how that reality interacts with the most current tax codes and regulations.


We are constantly seeking new and exceptional talent to add to our team and cross-training our existing staff to ensure that our tax knowledge is embedded in our firm, so that you can continually expect the same friendly and expert service year after year. 


Since 1983, our practice has built itself upon Martin's vast tax experience and heartfelt dedication to our clients' personal and professional taxes and finances. From the days of running a one-man operation to our current location with a full team of professionals, we've maintained steady, controlled growth with a focus on integrity and fairness towards our clients and our employees.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us. You can view a copy of our office's current privacy policy here: 


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Martin D. Hunter

Martin became a CPA back in 1980. His unofficial title around the office is "tax wizard," and there are few scenarios he has not experienced firsthand. His role as a mentor to the rest of the team is invaluable.

Martin retired in 2023 but remains of counsel to the firm with his expertise and experience.

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Mason R. Hunter

Mason joined the firm in 2010 and is intent on providing the same friendly, forthright, and rigorous service that our clients have relied upon for decades. He is continually improving internal process efficiencies, updating and maintaining a high level of digital security, and making certain that clients are well taken care of during tax season and throughout the year. 

  • Kristine Kool, LTC

  • Yevon Hunter, Tax Preparer

  • Amanda Cooley, LTC

  • Linda Keister, Bookkeeper

  • Danielle Goldman, Bookkeeper

  • Kim Brown, Administrative Assistant
  • Mark Amarok, Office Manager
  • Robyn Hunter, LTP & Manager of Operations

  • Thoa Truong, LTP

  • Lucy, part-time office dog

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